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Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge #104

A thin blue line separates paragraphs of information on the FOP104 website. Below is a meaning of the thin blue line...

The Thin Blue Line is a controversial symbol that law enforcement officers in the United States use to identify other officers, their spouses and other family members.

The conceptual "Thin Blue Line" is derived from the historical Thin Red Line. Proponents of the symbol claim that the blue strip between two larger blocks of black symbolizes the police's role of separating the "good" from the "bad", or protecting society from chaos. A second interpretation has the colors representing the memories of fallen officers (black) and the bonds of those who remain (blue, a color long associated with law enforcement). 
Courtesy of Wikipedia

           Walter H. Price (Lt/MCSO)

           Richard B. Deal (Inspector/MCSO)

           Jack Camery (Sgt/MCSO)

           Michael Spitler (Dispatcher/MCSO)

           Charles W. Steuer (200 Unit MCSO/Box 21)

           Fred Tressler (Deputy/MCSO)

           Harold Campbell (Sgt/MCSO)

            Donovan Aldrich (Deputy Inspector/MCSO)

            Jim Douglas (Deputy/MCSO/Investigator Title Office)

           Ralph Brown (Deputy/MCSO)

            Everett H. Howard (Box21/Deputy/MCSO)

            Ron Jones (Deputy/MCSO)

            Mike Sims (Deputy/MCSO)

            Joe Sabolcik (Deputy/MCSO)

           Charles Turner (Captain/MCSO)

           Douglas Williams (Det. Butler Twp PD/MCSO/MVRCL/HHFD)

           Bill O'Ryan (FOP104/HTFD/MCSO)

           Isidore Friedman (MCSO/Chief, Wayne Twp)

          Chuck Leonard Sr. (Deputy/MCSO)

          Randy Porter (Deputy/MCSO)

          Arley Buckmaster (Sgt/MCSO)           


          Eleanor (Susie) Galus (Deputy/MCSO)

           James Randolph (Deputy/MCSO)

          Lebert Johnston (Sgt/MCSO)

         Gary Curtis (Sgt/MCSO)

         Randal Richter (Deputy/MCSO)


The In Memory of Fallen Law Enforcement Officers medal design is for anyone who wishes to honor the memory of our fallen Law Enforcement Officers. The design represents the following:

The BLACK ribbon represents the deaths of the Officers;

The BLUE line represents the worldwide Law Enforcement community, often referred to as "The Thin Blue Line;"

The single GOLD star is displayed upside down to represent the grief and loneliness felt by all members of our brotherhood alike when an Officer is slain. It breaks the line, which represents the momentary break in the thin blue line as we all pause to mourn our dead.